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General Terms and Conditions

1. The purpose of establishing the General Terms and Conditions:

The purpose of establishing the General Terms and Conditions is to specify restrictions, rules and provisions related to the relevant sales and marketing activities, and to prevent inappropriate, violating and unlawful action. General Terms and Conditions are regularly supervised by Mant Sro., and it may unilaterally amend or update them as required.

1.1 Our Goals, Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to educate people about quality living by organising trainings and educational workshops on the topic, and to present, manufacture and deliver nutritional and dietary supplements, cosmetics and body hygiene products supporting a healthy lifestyle to those people who really need them. Our main principle is to create a people-centered community where it is people who really matter. Careers at us also reflect this idea. Our partners will, without doubt, see it in the first moment that equality is a basic principle at our company, and that one must as well give in order to get. With respect to these, our company wishes to create a niche on the related field, i.e. to establish our own world.

1.2 Our Vision

If we examine the health status of the population worldwide, it seems obvious that the majority of people in the so called ‘Western’ world suffer from obesity and chronic degenerative diseases, while the population in other societies face the burden of malnutrition and poverty. In ‘developed’ countries it is characteristic that people use symptomatic treatment to cure their smaller health problems, instead of finding the causes of their difficulties resulting from their lifestyle and civilisation-related damages and eliminating them, thus allowing their body to regenerate itself and get rid of the symptoms. The large number lifestyle-related diseases put a heavy load on healthcare, the whole society and on individuals as well.

We wish to promote our philosophy according to which our body is capable of remaining healthy or restore its integrity by means of adequate nutrition, regular exercise and by avoiding the intake of toxic substances. Our goal is to establish a people-centered community within which our partners will be able to have access to the necessary foods and dietary supplements on favourable terms, and where we reward those active partners who, through involving others, extend the circle of those people who wish to follow a quality and healthy life by being conscious about their lifestyle.

Finally, we also intend to serve a social issue, i.e. to ensure financial stability for that period of people’s lives when not work but children, grandchildren and hobbies are first.

2. How can you become a Distributor?

  • 2.1 Registering for Distributors

Legislation might differ according to countries. You might be subject to other or different requirements relevant in the country of your residence. When becoming a Distributor, you undertake to comply with all existing legislation.

The only criterion to become a Distributor is to register on the Company website ( which is free of charge.

  • 2.2 One person (=) One Distributor ID

Only one person may apply for the Distributor ID and register as a Distributor at the Company.

  • 2.3 Age criteria

You must be minimum 18 years old and have full legal capacity to become a Distributor.

  • 2.4 Place of residence

Distributors shall apply for registration in the same country where their permanent residence is established. However, they may perform their distribution activity in any country where they are authorised to carry out business, and the Company is present and carries out business. The Company reserves the right to transfer the registration of your distribution activity to the country where you should have applied for registration. Furthermore, the Company reserves all rights to refuse the transfer of the Distribution activity, if it considers these conditions not to be fulfilled.

To confirm eligibility for bonuses, the Company may request you to prove that, according to the Regulations, you have one registration code only, and you registered in the country of your permanent residence. In case you are unable to prove your permanent residence where you registered, the Company may deem your Distributor registration invalid.

  • 2.5 Acceptance of your Distributor registration

The Company reserves the right to refuse any kind of requests concerning Distributor registration in its sole discretion, on objective and not discriminative grounds. You shall become a Distributor after the Company has accepted and processed your Distributor registration. In case the Company receives more Distributor registrations from a single applicant, the first registration shall be valid, and it will determine your Sponsor.

  • 2.6 Taxpayer Identification Number

You may be requested to provide your Taxpayer ID or VAT identification number in order to become eligible for the bonus, or in any other case when required by the Company, the local tax law or other laws. In case you register as a business, you might be requested to provide the TIN of the business enterprise and the TIN of all members/stakeholders of the business enterprise. The Company may block the payment of bonuses and commission on your ID until the TIN is provided and verified.

  • 2.7 Business enterprises

Business enterprises may register if they submit to the Company the tax number, the company registration number and the he details of the head office of the enterprise. Businesses may register in the country where their head office is located. However, they are entitled to perform business activity in any country where the Company is present.

Additionally, the further requirements apply to business enterprises:

A., The Main applicant of the business enterprise shall have its permanent residence and its head office in the same country where the business applied for registration, and shall be able to provide evidence for this.

B., Bonuses and commissions will be issued for the name of the business enterprise. The Company accepts no liability to you if the business enterprise or any member/stakeholder of the business enterprise does not allocate and pay any part of the bonuses and commissions, received by the business enterprise, to several members/stakeholders of the business enterprise, neither assumes responsibility for inappropriate allocation and payment.

C., The business enterprise may solely be duly represented towards the Company by the main applicant. The Company may rely on and proceed based on any information provided by the Main applicant.

3. Personal data:

The Company respects your personal data and is committed to protect the Distributors’ personal information. Upon Distributor registration you shall be aware of the fact that the Company will process your personal data in accordance with the provisions and terms set forth in the Company’s Privacy Policy which may be subject to occasional update. When registering as a Distributor you shall declare that you know the contents of the Privacy Policy and have undertaken to be bound by it. The Privacy Policy is available on the Company website:

Distributors shall be obliged to ensure that information provided by them upon registration is true, valid and accurate. They shall be obliged to notify the Company without undue delay, it their registered data have been subject to any change. The Company may terminate your Distributor’s activity or a priori declare it invalid, if it concludes that it received false or inaccurate information upon your registration.

4. Transfer and termination of Distributor activities

  • 4.1 Transfer of Distributor IDs

You shall not transfer your Distributor ID, neither any related rights, unless you have requested to do so and received the Company’s prior written consent, which shall not be withheld for undue reasons. The Company reserves the right to refuse the transfer if it concludes that the suggested transfer is not valid or is only aimed at circumventing certain requirements of this Regulation.

  • 4.2 Transfer on death

Your Distributor ID shall be deemed as a complex of your valuable rights and interests resulting from your registration, and as such, it may be inherited, depending on national legislation. The Company shall accept the transfer if a court decision or other suitable legal document is submitted to the Company, which proves the legal transfer to the beneficiary, and the beneficiary complies with the requirements set forth in this Regulation and in relevant legislation.

  • 4.3 Divorce

In case of divorce or dissolution of a partnership the Company does not decide about the Distributor ID, nor the allocation of its down-line organisation, neither allocates them. However, in its sole discretion, the Company may, on a case-by-case basis, allocate bonuses and commissions on a simple, fixed-percentage basis according to a court decision or the written consent of the parties.

  • 4.4 Right for termination

You may, at any time terminate your Distributor ID, and it will entail no costs or sanction.

5. Ethical business conduct

  • 5.1 Objectives of your business activity

The main objective of your business activity and of the Company is to sell high quality, organic and healthy products to consumers. The main objective is not to recruit other Distributors, but sponsorship/mentorship forms an integral part of your essential obligation to sell products and increase product sales through your down-line organisation.

  • 5.2 General ethical conduct

As a Distributor, you shall act in an ethical, professional and polite manner. This, among others, includes the followings:

  • You shall fully comply with those set forth in this Regulation and with all applicable legislation;
  • You shall perform your Distributor activity in a fair way;
  • You shall inform your future clients and Distributors about yourself, the reasons for contacting them and the products sold by you;
  • You shall not provide false or misleading information about the potential earnings and income as specified in the Sales Compensation Plan, neither about the advantages of the use of the Company’s products;
  • You shall not exercise pressure on any Distributor or future Distributor in order to convince them to act in a financially irresponsible manner, including but not limited to exercising pressure in order to convince them to buy more products or promotional material and services than they can reasonably use or sell;
  • You shall not encourage or advise Distributors or future Distributors to burden themselves with debt in order to take part in the activity;
  • You shall explain to your clients and down-line organisation how to return products or cancel orders;
  • You shall inform future Distributors that they do not need to register in order to purchase products, and the products are available for non-Distributors on the Company’s website for the actual consumer prices.
  • 5.3 Exclusion of derogative comparison

You shall not make any misleading, unfair, inaccurate or derogative comparison, claim, declaration or statement about the followings:

  • the Company,
  • its products or business activities,
  • other People,
  • other Companies (including competitors) or
  • the products, services or business activities of other Companies.
  • 5.4 Harassment

Your Distributor’s activity shall be performed free from harassment, humiliation, threat and abuse. The Company does not accept any kind of harassment, including but not limited to harassment on racial, religious, physical or verbal grounds, neither persuasion, encouragement or invitation to any inappropriate or unsolicited written, verbal, electronic or physical contact.

  • 5.5 Exclusion of contacts with Sellers or Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Without the prior written consent of the Company, you shall neither directly, nor indirectly, even for professional reasons or any other reasons related to your Distributor activity, contact the sellers or the suppliers of the Company, members of the Scientific Advisory Board, basic research partners, universities or any other consultants or advisors of the Company.

  • 5.6 Maintaining the Company’s good reputation

You shall never act in a way, including your activities outside your Distributor activity, which may harm the Company, its Distributor’s business activities or their good reputation. The Company has the right to decide, in its sole discretion and based on objective and not discriminative reasons, which activities it considers harmful for itself, and to take action also in its sole discretion.

  • 5.7 Reviewing records

As a prerequisite for taking part as a Distributor, you entitle the Company to review any kinds of records in connection with your Distributor activity in order to conclude whether you are performing your Distributor activities according to the Regulation. The Company may, at any time and for any reason, request the review of records concerning your Distributor activity. You shall be obliged comply with the request for the review of your Distributor activities fully and without delay and shall be obliged to submit actual and accurate records to the Company for the purpose of review.

6. Compliance with legislation:

While performing your Distributor activities, you shall comply with this Regulation and with all applicable laws and provisions, including the requirements of consumer protection, data protection and anti-spam laws or regulations. You shall be fully responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and shall be liable towards the Company in case it is held liable for your omission.

  • 6.1 Exclusion of corruption

You shall be obliged to respect all anti-corruption legislation. You shall neither directly, nor indirectly (e.g. by an agent) make payments or give gifts in order to enjoy special advantage through exercising influence.

  • 6.2 Protection of privacy and personal data

You shall comply with all effective and local legislation concerning the protection of privacy and personal data, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR).

In particular, as regards the followings:

A., Appropriate technical, physical and organisational security measures, and reasonable care to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information processed by you pursuant to the Distributor Agreement;

B., Without the prior documented consent of the Company you shall not pass on information to other organisations, except for the branches and agencies of the Company;

C., You shall not employ data processors unless they guarantee security and confidentiality assurance as stipulated in the provisions of this paragraph;

D., You shall provide the Company with all necessary information to confirm your compliance with the obligations set forth in this paragraph, and

E., You shall inform the Company if any law or regulation prevents you from complying with your obligations under this paragraph.

7. Independent contractor:

  • 7.1 Distributors are independent contractors

You shall be an independent contractor. You are not an agent, employee, representative, member or a joint venture partner of the Company, neither shall you introduce yourself as such. You are a self-employed person or an entrepreneur and shall not undertake any obligations or duties on behalf of the Company. You can choose your working hours and methods at your discretion, unless this Contract stipulates it otherwise. The Company may request documents to prove that you are a duly registered independent contractor, in order to pay you bonuses and commissions. You as an independent contractor shall undertake the followings:

  • You shall be liable for your own business decisions and you shall define and schedule your own working hours;
  • Paid bonuses depend on Product sales, and not on the number of hours worked;
  • You shall bear the contractor’s risk, and shall be liable for all loss suffered by you as a Distributor;
  • You shall pay for all your licenses and all insurance costs as required, and also obtain an employer identification number if this is the case;
  • You shall be liable for all costs incurred in relation to your business activity, including but not limited to travel, representation, office, administrative and legal expenses, equipment and accounting costs, taxes, VAT, insurance and general costs, without any advance, reimbursement or warranty provided by the Company; and
  • For tax purposes, you shall not be regarded as an employee.
  • 7.2 Taxes

You shall be liable for fulfilling your obligations which may include registration and the payment of local taxes as stipulated by legislation. You expressly agree that the Company may draw up annual reports about the Bonuses if required to do so by legislation. You shall undertake to indemnify and exempt the Company, its branches and agencies, directors and employees from any liability, claim or demand raised by third parties and resulting from the breach of paragraph 6.2, including reasonably incurred attorneys\' fees.

  • 7.3 Exclusion of acting on behalf of the Company

You shall not be entitled to act on behalf of the Company. This includes but is not limited to any attempt at the following activities:

  • Registration or reservation of the Company names, brands or trade names, including any combination thereof or any combination of the Products, as well as their derivative names;
  • Registration of URL-addresses by using the Company’s names, brands or trade names;
  • Registering or obtaining any approval concerning the Products or business practices; or
  • Establishing any type of business or governmental relations on behalf of the Company.

You shall be obliged to indemnify the Company for its all costs and attorney fees incurred during any review procedures imposed on the Company, in case you act improperly on behalf of the Company. You shall, without delay, be obliged to transfer the registration of all those names, brands, trade names, products or URL-addresses to the Company the registration or reservation of which has been performed by breaching this paragraph, without any of your costs being reimbursed by the Company.

8. Ordering products or services

8.1 Ordering

You can order products directly from the Company. Shipping and handling costs may vary according to the number of ordered products.

If the given order is not paid in 7 days of placing the order, it will automatically be deleted from the system.

8.2 Transfer of ownership

For all ordered products, the ownership and the risks of loss will be transferred to you upon handing over the Product to you.

8.3 Ways of ordering

The Company does not accept credit orders. Orders shall not be delivered before they are fully paid. Payment is possible by on-line payment (PayPal), credit card, transfer, cash deposit, by cash on delivery payment to the courier or by any other method accepted by the Company.

8.4 Credit

The Company may offer crediting in case of overpayment, Product exchange or any other circumstances when the order may not be fully completed. Personal turnover and Group turnover will be credited after Company crediting.

8.5 Price changes

The Company shall be obliged to inform you about any price changes at least 15 days before the price change takes place.

8.6 Placing orders on behalf of other Distributors

Without the prior written consent of the other Distributor, you shall not pl